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Conning Artillery Saber

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James Conning of Mobile, Alabama made possibly 150 artillery swords for "State of Alabama", based on serial numbers known. This sword serial numbered 90 exhibits polished wood grip and original wire in excellent condition.

Confederate Artillery saber, unknown maker

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This sword being a Confederate copy of the model 1840 US artillery saber is unknown as to manufacturer. This sword is a fine example with fine grip, bright blade and original jappaned scabbard. This sword is scarce but is still the most often encountered enlisted  Confederate artillery saber. This saber has features of several manufacturers. These features include a  braised seam or "fault" near ricasso reminiscent of Louis Haiman of Columbus, Georgia or Boyle & Gamble of Richmond, Virginia. The iron drag and heavy brass ring bands are similar to those found on Haiman enlisted cavalry sabers. The single thin iron grip wire is similar to  Haiman, but his cavalry saber generally had thicker guage iron wire. The pommel cap is very similar in shape and finishng to those found on Louis Froelich products of Kenansville, NC; the red jappaned scabbard finish is often found on Froelich products too. McAden & Fonvielle in the definitive text Louis Froelich Arms-Maker to the Confederacy state that these are a possible product of Froelich but more specimens need to be studied.

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