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Boyle & Gamble Muscian's sword

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This sword is a copy of a US pattern 1840 muscian's sword. These swords exhibit distinctive Boyle & gamble "fault" in blade at ricasso. This fault is actually a braised area where an iron tang is joined to steel blade. Boyle & Gamble braised "faults" are usually seen longitudinally where other makers show a vertical "fault" such as Louis Haiman of Columbus, Georgia.

Boyle & Gamble Non Commissioned Officer's Sword

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This non-commissioned Officer's Sword made by Boyle & Gamble, Richmond, Virginia is rarely seen in original scabbard like this fine "as found" specimen. Note the top mount has a spade shaped frog button unique to Boyle & Gamble products including bayonet and short swords.

Cook & Brother Artillery Hanger

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This is the only known maker marked sword of this pattern and few examples are known. It fits these were made in New Orleans, as "hangers" were still popular in Europe in mid 19th century but not in the US, New Orleans still had lots of French influence in arms and "fashion". 

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